Who’s Winning the Daily War?

Like a game of tug-of- war, life pulls us in various directions and the majority of our time tends to revolve around the daily grind. Only a small sliver of our routines are centered around moral pursuits. In episode 15, Illuminate by Maor explores: which side is winning the war?

The 15th episode of Illuminate teaches a powerful lesson from a historical event.

From the Baal Shem Tov’s explanation of the verse “Come into the Teivah”, we learn that this command symbolizes immersing oneself in the spiritual haven of davening and study, sheltered from the storm of daily life.

However, just as Noach was not destined to remain in the utopia of the Teivah forever, so too are we meant to go out and hold worldly occupations. In the Rebbe’s words: “after praying and studying you must “leave the Teivah”, meaning that you ought to occupy yourself in elevating the world, making it more holy.”

Secured and fortified by our morning davening and daily Torah study, we are ready to tackle the mundane. By handling our activities with justice and righteousness, we get closer to our goal of preparing the world for the coming of Moshiach.

Illuminate by Maor offers powerful presentations of the Rebbe’s timeless talks, fused with engaging narration and explanation. These weekly videos are bite-sized and simple to grasp, designed for learners of all levels. To subscribe, click here or WhatsApp +1 646-770-0303.

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