Who Are “True Anash”?

When a Lubavitcher woman wanted to resign from her work in helping young kallas, the Rebbe wouldn’t hear of it and told her to consult with “true anash.”

A Lubavitcher woman who ran a support fund for kallas informed the Rebbe that she planned to resign from her work. In Elul 5740 (1980), the Rebbe penned her a letter, unequivocally rejecting her idea to quit, and encouraging her to strive for greater heights.

“Now with regards to your reasoning, you should seek the council of anash activists. That is, true anash, and true activists…”

And the Rebbe explained: “Whoever will tell you that it is preferable to withdraw, or weaken, any activities in the spirit of Frierdiker Rebbe – is no activist and is no member of the Rebbe’s anash.

“Even though there may be reasons and justifications, any sluggishness and or being downtrodden in his work are contrary to his explicit directives, pleas and promises.”

After sending it to her, the Rebbe edited this letter again for the general public and was ultimately published in Likutei Sichos.

(Likutei Sichos, vol. 19, page 620; Hiskashrus issue 1163)

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