Where Would Shlichus Be if Shluchim Were Into “Self Care”?

In the newest episode of ‘Making Chassidus Real,’ Rabbi Michoel Gourarie discusses the selfless dedication of shluchim and how Chassidus teaches us how to go beyond our own selves.

By Anash.org staff

Everyone wants to live a higher life based on the teachings of Chassidus. Yet, the lessons often seem so high and lofty, and it’s unclear what ordinary people in 2022 can take from it.

Rabbi Michoel Gourarie is known for his solid down-to-earth outlook and clear communication. A new series, released by BINA Sydney, will feature Rabbi Gourarie discussing how to connect to and apply those lofty ideas. He will also clear up some misconceptions about what it means to live with Chassidus.

“Many people have told me that they learn Chassidus but find many of the ideas there are out of reach,” Rabbi Gourarie shared. “In this series, we will attempt to offer a new outlook on how to make Chassidus real for ordinary chassidim like us.”

The series called ‘Making Chassidus Real’ will publish short weekly videos and will be featured each week on Anash.org.

In this new episode of ‘Making Chassidus Real,’ Rabbi Michoel Gourarie talks about the chossid who had an identity crisis and how to be in the world while staying above it.


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  1. A great sicha on the relationship between Ein Od Milvado and “self” is Chof-Beis Shvat 5752. And really all the sichos of Nun-Beis for that matter.

    1. והנה על ידי קיום הדברים הנ”ל להיות גופו נבזה ונמאס בעיניו… הרי זו דרך ישרה וקלה לבא לידי קיום מצות “ואהבת לרעך כמוך”…

      כי מאחר שגופו נמאס ומתעב אצלו… ולכן העושים גופם עיקר ונפשם טפלה אי אפשר להיות אהבה ואחוה אמיתית ביניהם אלא התלויה בדבר לבדה

  2. 1) Chitas Davening properly Rambam …that sounds like a luxurious program of [spiritual] self care….
    2) no doubt , respected rav, that the world is measureably different from day to day….
    It is a Torah concept that ” time will move along faster” in the period of time before Mashiach comes. Does it also say that we will be given the kochos to withstand the pressure and demands that entails? May be the kochos given is this new concept / emphasis/ availability / resources on and for self care??
    3) if we would compute what a shaliach accomplishes today with the assistance of technology…then it is mind buggling ….so if a shaliach takes an hour of self care? He’d probably be more compassionate with his family…Self care with right kavana expands the heart and mind into the vastness of the resources of our Creator….and the shaliach will anyways find new contacts and venues for his work at the self care facility where everyone is hanging at anyways…..
    4) self care is a great subject to introduce people to their Soul…because it is the source of all kochos and balance and truth in someone’s life……it is the place of actual mesirus nefesh….it takes me mesirus nefesh to slow down and harness me all bitulled down to sit on an exercise mat and stop the overwhelm……
    Am i resonating at all ??

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