Where to Find Megillah Readings in Crown Heights

Shechuna App, a newly-launched digital guide to Crown Heights, and community website Anash.org have joined forces to provide a comprehensive list of Megillah readings throughout the neighborhood.

As Purim approaches, Shechuna App, a newly-launched digital guide to Crown Heights, and community website Anash.org have joined forces to ensure that every resident has easy access and knowledge of Megillah readings throughout the neighborhood.

Below you will find a comprehensive up-to-date list of Megillah readings around Crown Heights. For an interactive and user-friendly map that pinpoints the locations of Megillah readings across Crown Heights, visit Shechuna App’s Megillah Map and get the listings as they come out.

Do you know of any more public Megillah readings happening this Purim whether in a Shul or someone’s living room? Please share the details in the comments below.


770 Eastern Parkway
Maariv 8:15
Megillah 8:30
10:00 night for women

Shacharis 10:00AM
Megillah #1 10:30AM

The following Meggilah readings will take place in the Ezras Nashim:
Megillah #2 1:00PM
Megillah #3 2:00PM
Megillah #4 3:00PM
Megillah #5 4:00PM
Megillah #6 5:00PM
Megillah #7 6:00PM
Megillah #8 6:50PM

534 Empire Shul
534 Empire Blvd
9:00 PM
10:30 AM

The 94 Shul
630 East New York Ave.
8:15 PM
Shacharis 8:30AM
Megillah 9:30AM

Agudah Shul
456 Crown St.
Megillah #1 10:00PM
Megillah #2 11:00PM

Megillah #1 10:00AM
Megillah #2 11:00AM
Megillah #3 12:00PM
Megillah #4 1:00PM
Megillah #5 2:00PM
Megillah #6 3:00PM
Megillah #7 4:00PM
Megillah #8 5:00PM
Megillah #9 6:00PM

525/527 East New York
8:30 PM
Shacharis 9:00
Megillah #1 9:30
Megillah #2 2:00PM
Megillah #3 3:00PM
Megillah #4 4:00PM
Megillah #5 5:00PM
Daytime readings are by Tefillin Booth

Anshei Lubavitch
578 Albany ave.
Maariv 8:20PM
Megillah #1 8:30PM
Megillah #2 9:00PM
Shacharis #1 6:30AM Megillah #1 6:50AM
Shacharis #2 7:15AM Megillah #2 7:35AM
Shacharis #3 8:15AM Megillah #3 8:35AM
Shacharis #4 9:15AM Megillah #4 9:35AM
Shacharis #5 10:00AM Megillah #5 10:20AM
Megillah #6 2:00PM
Megillah #7 3:00PM

Anshei Moshe
1334 Lincoln Place
Megillah 8:45PM
Shacharis 9:00AM
Megillah 9:45AM

Beis Dovid Gershon
450 New York Ave.
8:25 PM

Beis Eliezer Yitzchok
394 Kingston Ave.
8:15 Maariv
8:30 Megillah
8:00 Shacharis
8:30 Megillah

Beis Gimpel Chaim/Shmuel Leib
309 New York Ave.
8:30 PM
8:30 AM

Beis Haknesses Anash
770 Montgomery
8:15PM Maariv
8:30PM Megillah
Shacharis #1 7:00AM Megillah #1 7:30AM
Shacharis #2 8:30AM Megillah #2 9:00AM

Beis Levi Yitzchok
556 Crown Street
Maariv 8:15PM
Shacharis 9:00AM Megillah #1 9:30AM
Megillah #2 10:30AM

Beis Moshe Empire
510 Empire Blvd.
8:30 PM

Beis Moshe President
1401 President St
Maariv 8:15
Megillah 8:30
Shacharis 9:45
Megillah 10:15

Beis Rivka Lefferts
470 Lefferts Ave.
8:45 PM

Beis Shmuel Chabad
792 Eastern Parkway 2nd floor
In Beis Rivka Lefferts
9:45 AM

Beis Shneur
570 Crown Street
8:25 PM
9:00 Shacharis
9:30 Megillah

Chevra Ahavas Yisroel
306 Albany Ave.
8:30PM Maariv
Megillah #1 8:40PM
Megillah #2 10:00PM
Shacharis 9:00AM
Megillah #1 10:00AM
Megillah #2 2:00PM
Megillah #3 4:00PM
Megillah #4 6:00PM

Congregation Yaakov Yehuda
825 Eastern Parkway
8:15 Maariv
9:30 AM

Beis Eliyahu Nachum
672 Lefferts Ave.
Maariv 8:15PM
Megillah 8:25PM
Shacharis #1 7:00AM Megillah #1 7:25AM
Shacharis #2 8:30AM Megillah #2 8:55AM
Shacharis #3 10:00AM Megillah #3 10:25AM

Empire Shtiebel
489 Empire Blvd
Maariv 8:10PM
Megillah 8:20PM
Shacharis #1 7:00AM Megillah #1 7:30AM

Frankel Shul
1699 President Street
Maariv 8:15
Megillah 8:30
Shacharis #1 7:00AM Megillah #1 7:30AM
Shacharis #2 8:30AM Megillah #2 9:00AM

Goldstein House
797 Maple Street
10:00 AM

Hadar Hatorah Minyan
824 Eastern Pkwy 2nd floor
Maariv 8:00PM
Megillah 8:10PM
Shacharis 8:30AM
Megillah 9:00AM

Heights Shteebel
1364 Bergen St. basement entrance
9:00PM and 12:30AM

Kehal Beis Rivkah
310 Crown Street
8:15 PM
9:00 AM

Lincoln Place Shul
1185 Lincoln Place
Maariv 7:52PM Reading: 8:15PM
Shacharis 8:30AM
Megillah 9:00AM
2nd Megillah 10:30AM
3rd Megillah 6:00PM

543 Albany Ave.
Maariv 8:20
Megillah 8:30
Shacharis 9:15AM
Megillah #1 9:45AM
Megillah #2 12:00PM

Merkaz Avreichim
466 Albany Ave.
8:35 PM
Shacharis 8:30
Megillah 9:00

Nosson’s Shul
579 Brooklyn Ave.
8:30 PM
Shacharis #1 8:30AM
Megillah #1 9:15AM
Megillah #2 12:00PM
Megillah #3 3:00PM

Ohel Nosson
580 Crown Street
Megillah 8:40PM
Megillah #1 8:45AM
Megillah #2 10:30AM

Shlichus 83 Class Shul
440 Midwood Basement
9:00 PM

The Friendship Circle Shul
540 E New York
Maariv 8:15PM
Megillah 8:30PM
10:30 AM
Day is for FC families only

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  1. Should there be a space on your app to request for those that can’t get out elderly handicapped r”l perhaps uncomfortable or embarrassed to go to join, etc…. that needs someone to come over to read….

    Those perhaps that wouldn’t want to join for whatever reason.
    Have a list of Bochurim yungeleit that would be willing to make a house call !!

    Would be beneficial to those we don’t even know about. Of course discretion would be required.

    A suggestion !!!

    I personally don’t know how to read but I visit an elderly gentleman. I do read but it’s not properly done.

    1. 🤕If you cant make it to shul and
      🗣you’re looking for a Baal Koreh to Lein Megila for you, please send a WhatsApp message to 917-519-3491
      With your
      ☎Phone number:
      📜Do you have a Megilah?
      💵Price you can pay: (optional):

      (For the Crown Heights area)

      We will try to find someone to come to you.

      🥳A Freilechin Purim!

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