When the Rebbe Donated $10,000 to an Organization

In the year 5750 (1990) the Rebbe donated $10,000 of his personal money to Colel Chabad throughout the course of the year. Join Colel Chabad’s Tishrei Drive as they set out to feed tens of thousands of Israel’s needy this Yomtov.

As COVID-19 rocked the globe, hundreds of thousands of Jews across Israel found themselves jobless and, for the very first time, in need of assistance.

Colel Chabad quickly got to work. In the past few months alone, thousands of tons of food and basic supplies have been distributed to individuals in need, helping to alleviate their enormous financial burden.

The Tishrei Drive has recently been launched to ensure that every individual or family in need will be able to celebrate Yomtov sitting around a dignified table filled with delicious, nourishing food. 

Preparations are well underway to prepare the tens of thousands of meals that Colel Chabad will provide over Tishrei.

Where do you come in?

The Tishrei Drive is a massive undertaking. Colel Chabad is looking to mobilize thousands of partners who will each do a part in making this mission a success. Some will coordinate shipments, some will pack boxes and some will make deliveries.

There is another way to partner with Colel Chabad, by taking part in the Tishrei Drive.

Throughout the generations the Rebbeim would encourage weekly, monthly and certainly yearly donations to Colel Chabad. They were very involved in the details of the operation and would donate from their personal money as well. 

The Rebbe was known to donate to Colel Chabad on a constant basis, and there were years that the Rebbe would donate upwards of $100 a week to Colel Chabad.

Join the Tishrei Drive to play a part in this incredible mitzvah.

Every donation of $54 or more will be automatically entered into a raffle to win a yarmulka made from a piece of material from a garment of the Rebbe.

Visit TishreiDrive.com to take part.

May we merit to celebrate Tishrei in an era that will contain within it no pain or poverty, the times of Moshiach, may he come speedily!

Thank you for your support,

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