When the Montreal Mashpia Taught How to Dance

In honor of the 10th yahrzeit of legendary mashpia and mekubal Reb Volf Greenglass, Anash.org presents a unique and exclusive video of Reb Volf dramatizing an old chassidic dance.

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  1. I’m not sure this is a alte Chassidishe dance, more of a skit, but it definitely was around amol. (I’ve seen it from R’ Mendel Morosow A”H too – though not as a song, more of a chant)

    The Ma’aseh goes, the amolige Misnagdim are trying to sing and dance, but they are having trouble doing so. why?

    If they sing oy oy oy, that’s like the Goyim,
    if they sing ay ay ay, that’s how the Katt (what the Misnagdim called the Chassidim) sing.
    They will have to make a brand new way of singing.

    So they add words from the Gemorah (the first Mishna in Boba Kamma) שור שנגח את הפרה…

    Now clapping.
    If they clap both hands facing up – no good; the Goyim clap like that.
    Hand on hand? no; the Katt
    So instead they clap the backs of their hands together,

    But how will they dance?
    Holding hands? the goyim..
    Hands on each others shoulder? The Katt…
    So they have no choice; וד”ל

  2. R mendel marozov was a mechuton at this wedding,
    I was at this wedding when r volf was preparing his co- actor for his performance of this ‘dance/ skit “.
    That looked like he just wrote the script

    And having observed r Mendel later, it seemed he was emulating r volf (and bursting out laughing at the process)

  3. would you want the video of reb mendel morozov copying this, it’s quite interesting. i can send it to you if you send me a whatsapp number [could be you already have it…]

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