When the Children’s Ward is Filled With Laughter

Today you have an opportunity to bring happiness to hospitalized children by partnering with Lev Chabad (exclusive coupon code included).

It’s Purim Katan – and we all know what that means!

Purim is coming quickly and you can just feel it in the air. 

Children walk with an extra bounce in their step, dreaming of their costume and the mishloach manos that they will prepare for their friends. 

Well, not all children.

There are thousands of children throughout Israel who are spending time in the hospital undergoing serious surgeries and extensive treatments. 

It’s harder to feel the Adar joy when you are stuck in a cold, sterile, hospital room. 

At any point throughout the year, the children’s faces light up whenever they see the staff of Lev Chabad approaching because they know that a Lev Chabad visit means attention, positivity and joy.  

Today, on Purim Katan, Lev Chabad will be bringing an extra dose of happiness to these children and give them temporary respite from the challenging times that they are facing.

So, when you think about your Purim plans, think of how you can share the joy with others. 

When you think of the costumes your children will wear, think of the child who’s costume has to accommodate her IV needles. And, when you think about your Purim Seuda that will be spent surrounded by family and friends, think about the child who is in isolation and cannot join any seuda.

Lev Chabad is committed to providing each and every hospitalized child with a supportive community, comfort and joyful experiences as they endure this challenging period in their lives.

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Take part today and you can win the car of your dreams or $50,000 cash!

Not a rental. Not a lease. 100% yours. 

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