When Reb Yoel Put Two Days Into Recording One Half-Hour Shiur

Watch: JEM released historic footage of Reb Yoel Kahn recording shiurim on Perek 9 of Tanya in a studio in 5744. He would spend up to two days recording and re-recording each half-hour shiur segment.

Reb Yoel Kahn served as the senior “chozer,” erstwhile transcriber, of the Rebbe’s talks. The task of transforming the Rebbe’s voluminous verbal addresses into hundreds of volumes of published scholarship was led by Reb Yoel.

His encyclopedic knowledge of Torah and Chasidic philosophy was a product of his photographic memory, as well as his absolute devotion to absorbing the Rebbe’s teachings.

Of sound mind until his last breath, he spent his final years as he had every day of his adult life — entirely devoted to publishing and sharing the wellsprings of Chasidut.

Here, we see him in the recording booth as he recorded Shiurim on Perek 9 of Tanya. As he records, listens and re-records the shiurim, the tremendous amount of work and energy that he put into it is evident.

Watch this week’s special edition of Living Torah: https://go.jem.tv/RebYoel-YT


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