When Rabbi Wolberg Gave a Tanya Shiur in a Cornfield

Various individuals discuss the tremendous impact that Rabbi Meir Roness a”h had on them. Join the Keren Meir Summer Raffle for a chance to win $10,000 cash!

The difference that Rabbi Meir Roness made in the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals is astounding.

In the video below, Rabbi Yitzchak Wagshul details his experience with Rabbi Roness and the challenges and oppositions that they faced when trying to organize a Tanya shiur in his Yeshiva, the unique Tanya shiur they had with Rabbi Moshe Wolberg in a cornfield, and the farbrengens and shiurim that inspired and changed his life.

Rabbi Shloma Majesky, a teacher for Keren Meir for many years, speaks about the importance of Hafatzos HaMaayanos and urges everyone to participate in supporting Keren Meir.

Rabbi Sholom Charitonow recounts the devotion of Rabbi Roness to all of the Shiurim and of the funds associated with arranging the logistics of each class.

Rabbi Yisroel Botnick, Rabbi Roness’s son-in-law and director of Keren Meir discusses how the organization has expounded on the work of Rabbi Roness and allowed it to grow and flourish


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