When It Seems The World Is Working Against You 

Watch: Shipping is delayed and your menorah will not arrive in time for your Chanukah event. Your Torah study partner can’t make the weekly commitment. When obstacles surface, it can seem like the world is working against us. Well, is it?

When you think “obstacle,” you likely conjure up thoughts of orange police roadblocks, brick walls, delayed shipping, or a scheduling conflict. 

Would you believe that an obstacle is, in truth, just a flimsy entity with a weak foundation, only as strong as our fear of it? 


Our forefather Avraham was given a test, the difficult command to offer his only son, Yitzchak, as a sacrifice for G-d. Without hesitation, Avraham and Yitzchak set out to fulfill the instructions. 

En route, the forces of evil attempted to deter them from reaching their goal. 

The typically brief trip to Mount Moriah was drawn out to a lengthy three days. An artificial river materialized in their path in an attempt to prevent their travels. The water did not intimidate Avraham. He continued to advance towards the mountain, despite the rising water. 

The imitation river had merely been positioned as a deterrent. When the forces of evil recognized that their ploy was not disturbing Avraham, the river immediately vanished. 

Obstacles in the path of our service of G-d are not absolute. We are faced with tests to our perseverance. When we don’t cave in, there are no grounds for the blockade. 

Redefine the roadblocks that get in your way for the mirages that they truly are. Prove your dedication to your beliefs, and watch the interference fade away in the face of your commitment. 

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