When Can I Take a Haircut Before Shavuos This Year?

Watch at 7 PM: Harav Gedalya Oberlander will answer practical halachic questions including when can one take a haircut before Shavuos this year, eating meat on Shavuos, saying less tikun to understand it, bracha on snacks Shavuos night, moving flowers, and kashering oven to make milchigs.

By Anash.org reporter

The series of Halacha Q&A with Harav Gedalya Oberlander on Anash.org has garnered much interest from community members and rabbonim alike. The common and contemporary questions are addressed with direct and practical answers.

Harav Gedalya Oberlander is the rov of Heichal Menachem in Monsey, NY, and a member of Vaad Rabbonei Lubavitch, and he is known for his breadth of knowledge and clear psak. He will be answering contemporary shailos in a weekly column on Anash.org.

Shailos can be emailed to [email protected].

The shiur will take place on Sundays at 7:00 pm EDT and will be streamed exclusively on Anash.org.

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  1. I have 2 questions:
    1) Why does the rabbi not mention that the oven has to be cleaned before Kashering (from visible grease that accumulated on the walls and roof of the oven)?
    2) Kashering Libun Kal at 350 is not good enough because the בליעה is sometimes higher than that. (Some baking is done at 400-450 degrees and broiling temperature is around 500 degrees).

  2. In this Shiur the impression is that only with meat from an animal can one fulfill the obligation of eating “meat” on Yom Tov.
    While there are quite a few who hold like this there are others who say one can fulfill their obligation with the meat of foul (chicken etc.).
    חוות יאיר סימן קע״ח. וכן נראה מדברי השאגת אריה סימן ס״ה. יד אפרים יו״ד ס״א. גליוני הש״ס ביצה י׳ ע״ב. מועדים וזמנים ח״ז סימן קי״א. שבילי דוד סימן תקכ״ט. שו״ת שבט הלוי ח״ג סימן ח״י. וראה בסמ״ע סימן קצ״ט סק״ו

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