When a Dream Becomes a Reality

One year ago, Rabbi Mendel Weinbaum of Lubavitch Yeshiva, sat with a team of professionals to design a Dvar Torah book, which presents the Rebbe’s Sichos in a clear and accessible way. They have just added a new second volume to the curriculum.

Last year, Rabbi Mendel Weinbaum, a teacher in Lubavitch Yeshiva sat down with his team after the school year to make a plan on how they could help teachers and students have a professional Dvar Torah book, which presents the Rebbe’s Sichos in a clear and accessible way.

Before the summer ended, the team had come up with a full curriculum which they named “Living With the Times.” The curriculum included a student book, basic teacher guide, and a PowerPoint. The excitement and interest that teachers and principals showed was incredible! Close to 30 classrooms purchased the curriculum during the short period of time that it was available before the start of the school year.  

The feedback has been very enthusiastic. A teacher at Mazel Day School commented, “I’m always looking for curriculums to enhance my classes. I was delighted to come across Living With the Times. It really gave structure to my lesson, the Divrei Torah were presented in such a clear and precise way, and the images on the powerpoints really brought the class to life.”   Rabbi S. Reinetz from Cheder Chabad Florida commented “It’s delightful, filled with Toras Rabeinu for the young Chassidim and comes with an informative teacher’s edition”  

“After seeing this success we have doubled our efforts for next year,” says Rabbi Weibaum. “Our incredible team of 10 talented individuals have added a new second volume to the curriculum. The first volume can be used in a lower grade and the second can be used in a higher grade. Each book will be accompanied by an expanded teachers’ guide which will include a summary of the Parshah, a story, an activity and much more. The additions that we are making to both the students’ books and the teachers’ guide are based on the feedback we have received from teachers in the classroom who have been using the curriculum week in and week out for the past year.”

Living With the Times is also proud to announce that they will be launching a new website making the purchase of the curriculum an easy and smooth experience.

Last year’s curriculum was made possible due to the generosity of a number of donors. Schools around the United States were very grateful as this enabled the curriculum to be sold at a very affordable price. 

To inquire about the curriculum email [email protected].

List of classes who are currently using the curriculum
HomeSchool Vermont
Homeschool California
Homeschool Palo Alto
New England Hebrew Academy Boys Massachusetts
New England Hebrew Academy Girls Massachusetts
Cheder Lubavitch Arizona
Desert Torah Academy Las Vegas
Cheder Chabad Girls of Baltimore (2 classes)
Cheder Chabad Boys of Baltimore
Bais Chaya Mushka Postville
Cheder Lubavitch Chicago (2 classes)
Cheder Chabad palm beach Florida
Lec Boys Florida (3 classes)
Lec Girls (2 classes)
Cheder New Haven
Cheder Long Island
United Lubavitcher Yeshiva Crown Heights (3 classes)
Bnos Menachem Crown Heights
Mazel Day School Brighton Beach
Jewish Virtual Academy California
Chabad Girls Academy High Crown Heights

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