WhatsApp Now Allows 512 Participants In Group Chats

WhatsApp recently announced that it would start allowing 512 participants in a group, up from the previous limit of 256. Here’s our list of the top ten groups that are worth joining.

By Anash.org reporter

WhatsApp recently announced a series of new updates, which would bring the messaging app more in line with its biggest competitors.

Among the new features are emoji reactions, allowing users to directly to a message without sending a message of their own. They also increased the limit for file sharing up to 2GB in size at a time, an increase from the previous limit of 100MB.

WhatsApp also announced that they would start allowing 512 participants in a group, up from 256. The move was a first step toward building “communities”, a long-term project which would see numerous chats grouped together.

With the new limit for chats, many chats which were previously inaccessible due to being full, now have room for hundreds of more participants, and popular Lubavitcher chats have seen the number of participants shoot up.

Here’s our list of ten WhatsApp groups that are worth joining:

1) Teshuros and Pirsum RishonTeshuros and other Chabad treasures published across various platforms, all in one group. Click here to join.

2) Kovtzim Updates – New kovtzei ha’aros from Chabad yeshivos across the globe, posted as they are published. Click here to join.

3) Pictures from 770 – Sites and scenes from 770, posted as they happen. Click here to join.

4) Likkut Maanos – A daily ma’ana from the Rebbe, plus discussions regarding the ma’anos published in the Likkut Maanos series. Click here to join.

5) Zichronos fun Rebbin – Daily audio clips by Rabbi Michoel Seligson, relating memories from the Rebbe and 770. Click here to join.

6) Buy and Exchange Kehos Seforim – Sell doubles of Chabad seforim you own, and purchase books offered by others. Click here to join.

7) Rambam Discussions – Discussions in the daily shiur Rambam (3 perokim). Click here to join.

8) Sikum Ma’amarei Rebeinu – A weekly summary of the Rebbe’s maamarim on the parsha, written by Reb Zalman Farkash. Click here to join.

9) Chabad Chodesh – Today in Jewish history, along with selected teachings from the Rebbeim. Originally compiled by Rabbi Shimon Raichik a”h. Click here to join.

10) And last but not least… Anash.org News – Breaking news and important updates from Crown Heights and Chabad communities worldwide, straight to your phone. Click here to join.


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  1. Here is a google sheet with links to multiple useful chats and drives and more. Whereas previously they have been posted multiple times on multiple groups, they have now been collected here.
    While they can all be viewed here, some chats worthy of mention are: Project Likkutei Sichos – Forum, where the weekly PLS Sichos are discussed, and Mekoros Betoras Rabbeinu & Mekoros B’dach, where sources and mareh mekomos in the Rebbe’s Torah and Chassidus in general are requested and shared. 👇🏻

    If you know of other public chats or drives please share them (comments are enabled)

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