What’s at Stake at Today’s Election

As New Yorkers head to the polls to vote for Governor, Lt. Governor, Assembly, and District Leader, Crown Heights activists explain why it is imperative that every eligible voter in our community go out and vote.

By ProtectChinuch.com

Today is the primary election for New York’s Governor, Lt. Governor, Assembly, and District Leader.

It is imperative that every eligible voter in our community go out and vote. Especially now, when our yeshivas are under a direct attack by newly proposed legislation that threatens our schools and how we choose to educate our children, it is critical to show the candidates that we care deeply and that we will make our voices heard. Voting is the most effective way to make our position loud and clear.

In the past, acts of mesiras nefesh (self-sacrifice) were often required to fight government regulations that threatened yiddishkeit. Fortunately, we live in America, which is a medina shel chesed (country of kindness), and we can vote for politicians who will represent our interests. It is critical that we exercise our right to vote and ensure that our elected officials protect us and our interests.

Thankfully, our community came out strong and collected more than 20,000 signatures opposing the pending regulations that can significantly interfere with our yeshivas. We must remain vigilant and show the politicians that we will continue to support our friends running for office by showing up for them at the polls and that we are dependable voters for those who reliably defend our community from detrimental regulations.

Our politicians need to see that our community is invested and that we show up and vote. If we don’t vote, we don’t count. If our community has a low turnout, our politicians won’t pay attention to our interests. The more we vote, the more they have to take our interests into consideration.

It is imperative that every registered voter go out and vote. During primaries, there is often a low turnout, and this is where we can make a big difference. It matters more that you vote than who you vote for. Though it is confidential who you vote for, it is public information who voted. Candidates are able to see which communities vote and if they see that the frum community showed up and voted, they won’t be able to ignore us anymore. Elected officials and aspiring politicians pay close attention to communities that vote. Let’s ensure that they pay attention to our needs and fight for our interests. Every single vote counts!

Please go vote and, if possible, offer a ride to the polling station to your friends and neighbors who are eligible voters. Polling stations are open today 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM. To find your polling location, please visit: https://findmypollsite.vote.nyc/

Voting is the only way to ensure the elected officials take us seriously.

A Gezunte Zummer!

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