What Would You Choose? You’ve Got 3 Days to Decide

Get your discount code inside to win $50,000 cash or any car on the market!

What if we told you that in just 3 days, you could be driving a brand-new car?

Well, you can.

With just one ticket to the Lev Chabad raffle, you can win any car of your choice ($70,000 value).

Whatever your dream car may be, you’ve got full access to turn it into reality. Choose from any car in the lot and bring your dream to life.

Don’t need a car? That’s fine, too: you can walk out with $50,000 cash! Money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness, but $50,000 definitely opens up a whole lotta doors.

Either way, it’s time to make your dreams come true. 

So, what are you choosing? You’ve got 3 days to decide!

And with barely any time left, you’ve got a chance to double your luck:

Use coupon code DOUBLE to get double the value of your tickets!

$70 buys 1 ticket 2 tickets

$120 buys 2 tickets 4 tickets

$180 buys 3 tickets 6 tickets

…and so on!

Your ticket supports Shluchim in more than 20 hospitals across Israel. You’re making all the difference for hospitalized patients and their families, while winning big! 

Head to Chooseyourcar.org to win!

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