What We Learned From Sarah Dukes

Friends of Sarah Dukes write how she’s been a pillar of strength to them as they watched in admiration as with each turn of events, she emerged even stronger.

Dearest Sarah, sheyichye

Ever since we’ve known you, you’ve always shown us your warm smile and kind nature. You befriended everyone u’d meet and make everyone feel welcome and special.

You and Yudi seemed to have such a great life. Together you had 6 beautiful children, a happy and pleasant home and a harmonious marriage.

You’ve built a successful career, coaching and helping others heal, and reached milestones in your amazing talent for music. Yudi led an incredible shlichus with Jnet and utilized his musical talents in laining and teaching others.

You experienced some of life’s challenges and struggled and won, plowed through life with a smile and positive attitude. Overall, you seemed to have got a handle on life, and things just seemed to run fairly smoothly.

Then came Covid.

Sarah, we’ve known you for many years. But now we got to know a part of you we haven’t known before.
We’ve seen the most magnificent pillar of strength emerge. A pillar stronger than marble. A pillar that cant be penetrated.

Left to cope with a critically ill husband as well as leading your family, managing finances and attending to the needs of each child, your pillar of strength somehow became stronger and stronger with each passing day.

Through the rollercoaster dips and frightening updates from the hospital, the ups and downs, some of the most harrowing experiences imaginable, your pillar was still standing as tall as ever.

When will you fall, we wondered. For how long can a human go on through this trauma? When will you throw in the towel and give up?

You would not. You refused to give up. Your pillar of strength rose above all odds. We all watched in admiration as with each turn for the worst, you emerged unscathed. You would not give in to negativity.

You would fight this battle until the end.
And you did. And you won. You have won by showing the world what it means to have strength.

You have shown us that with strength we can change reality. If we connect to the core of our soul, we will find our strength. Our mind and thoughts have strength. We can overcome challenges. We can overcome negativity. Our strength and will can create new existence.

And now we are ready to be there for you as you begin a new chapter in life. We will be strong with you and be there to support and strengthen our pillar of a friend.

All our love,
Your classmates

Please join us in supporting our beloved friend, our pillar of strength, who has taught us so much about how to deal with life’s challenges.

A one million dollar campaign has been launched to help Sarah and her children, please donate what you can here:


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