What to Tell ‘Torah Umesorah’

A Lubavitch principal, who was invited to speak at Torah Umesorah’s annual convention, asked the Rebbe what to say. The Rebbe had a direct message.

A principal of a Lubavitch school was once asked to speak at the annual convention of Torah Umesorah. When he asked the Rebbe what to address in his talk, the Rebbe responded in a note:

“It is imperative that you say – in my name or not, as you see fit – that it is absolutely necessary to teach the children yiras Shamayim.

“All agree that one cannot be a doctor without studying medicine, so how could they expect the children to be yerei Shamayim without teaching it?

“In days bygone, this was absorbed at home, and the children saw it on the street. But times have changed. The only source for yiras Shamayim is the school, therefore it must be taught.

“And giving the children 15 minutes a day to learn a mussar sefer of their choice cannot suffice at all. In fact, it sends a negative message, because the child says to himself that every other subject has a mandatory timeframe, from a specific book, and a special teacher is hired – so this topic must be inferior!”

The Rebbe concluded the note, “Say this with a full breitkait (confidence), without fear, with a great tumult, with force. And Hashem will grant you success.”

(Simpson Teshurah, Cheshvan 5771)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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