What to Learn Every Day

Artist R’ Boruch Nachshon of Chevron merited personal direction from the Rebbe on the criticalness of daily Torah study, and what to learn for two hours each day.

The artist, Reb Boruch Nachshon of Chevron, merited personal direction from the Rebbe regarding his personal development.

Reb Boruch related:

Already in my early stages of being drawn to Yiddishkeit observance, the Rebbe wrote to me (21 Shevat 5721 (1961)) on the imperative to study Torah daily. “This is of the essence,” he wrote.

Three years later, at a personal yechidus, the Rebbe specified:

“You must learn every day, for at least two hours. You should study Gemara, the practical parts Shulchan Aruch which are of daily use, and Chumash with Rashi.

“Regarding Chasssidus,” the Rebbe said, “you should study whatever you most enjoy.”

(Hiskashrus Issue 835)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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