What to do If Your Food Stamps Are Electronically Stolen

Multiple reports have come in from Crown Heights and Kiryas Yoel residents regarding large amounts of funds going missing from food stamps accounts. If this has happened to you or someone you know, here is what to do:

Over the last month many SNAP (food stamps) benefits were stolen electronically from customers in crown heights and Kiryas Yoel, Monroe. Today again, many people found their SNAP account completely emptied without using the funds at all.

Last month, askanim and police detectives said that a possible cause that s enabling the blatant theft is that a reader was put into the merchant machines at few stores in the frum community and is stealing information from customers.

If this has happened to you or anyone you know, please read the following link.


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  1. Please be aware the first thing to do is to get your transaction history and request a print out of your transactions to be send to you.
    After doing this you should cancel your card and request a new one

    If u dont request the transaction history and cancel your card first you wont be able to file a claim for reumbursment of your benefits.

  2. Please please post which stores in crown heights this happened at so we can know if we used our card there.

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