Live: Yomim Noraim Kumzitz With Benny Friedman

Join Live at 8:00 PM ET: Anshei Lubavitch has set out to raise $500,000 to expand its growing shul and community center, and they need our help. A kumzitz event in support of the shul will take place with Benny Friedman.


Crown Heights is our home and, whether we live here or not, we all share close ties with “The Shchunah.”

כאן ציווה ה׳ את הברכה is not just an expression, but a proclamation we live by every single day. At Anshei Lubavitch of Crown Heights, “community” is more than just a cluster of families living in close proximity to one another. It is a family, and a growing one.

Originally formed as just another “Class Shul”, it has since expanded enormously, and now boasts a thriving Shul, Mikvah, and many family programs throughout the year. Men go to shul, but Anshei Lubavitch has something for the entire family! From vibrant children’s programs, to regularly scheduled women’s events and many more family functions throughout the year!

With tremendous growth comes tremendous need for expansion, and with incredible Hashgacha Protis, the adjacent building became available for purchase.

In true “Lechatchilah Ariber” fashion, Anshei Lubavitch has secured the right to purchase the building for its growing community, and today, YOU have the opportunity to be a part of something truly groundbreaking, LITERALLY!

Anshei Lubavitch has set out to raise $500,000 to expand its growing shul and community center, and they need our help to make this vision a reality!

The purpose of this campaign has grown beyond the actual fundraiser, with much of the branding of the campaign posing challenging and eye opening questions about “What we want our community to look like” or “What does The Shchunah mean to you?”
Indeed, community is not something that just happens, it must be cultivated and grown, much like Anshei Lubavitch.

By partnering with Anshei Lubavitch, we are perpetuating the directives of the Rebbe, to grow and beautify our community, and make Crown Heights more than just a large number of Lubavitcher families living near one another, but indeed A COMMUNITY!

The fundraising campaign will feature an intimate concert by Anshei Lubavitch member Benny Friedman, as he readies all of us for the high holidays through inspiration and song.

The concert will take place tonight, at 8 PM and will be streamed live on their fundraising site.

Let’s all let our voices be heard, as we declare that this is OUR Crown Heights, Our Shchunah, and together, we can make it something we can all be proud of.
For ourselves
For our Children
For our Families
For our….Community!


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