Westchester Yeshiva Celebrates Bochur’s Siyum HaShas

The entire student body of Yeshiva Mesiva Menachem of Westchester and special guests gathered on Thursday to celebrate a Siyum HaShas by Hatomim Mendel Baron.

By Anash.org reporter

Rabbonim, Mashpiim, Shluchim the entire student body of Yeshiva Mesivta Menachem of Westchester, and special guests gathered last week to celebrate a bochur’s extraordinary achievement.

The event was to celebrate the completion of Shas, a truly significant accomplishment, by Hatomim Mendel Baron, one of the Yeshiva’s shluchim.

Guests included friends and fellow Shluchim from Yeshivah and a group from New Haven Mesivta where Mendel learned in his younger years. including The Menahel Rabbi Yosef Lustig who spoke about the importance of taking learning Torah seriously and being consistent. Rabbi Lustig also mentioned the Frierdike Rebbe’s strong support for learning an amud of Gemara daily.

Rabbi Zalmen Heller, Menahel of the Westchester Mesivtah Emceed the event and encouraged the Bochurim to apply themselves earnestly to their learning and add additional shiurim to their daily schedule.

Finally, the Mesayem, Mendel Baron, thanked all those who encouraged and supported him along the way, and spoke about mivtza Torah, being 50 Years since the Rebbe announced the mivtzah directing Chassidim to conquer the world through learning Torah.


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  1. Yasher Koach Reb Mendel Baron. What a tremendous undertaking and effort and even bigger kiddush Hashem and kiddush shem Lubavitch. What tremendous naches for your family and for the Rebbe! May you inspire many other bochrim to do the same. Continued hatzlocha!

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