Westchester Mesivta Planing Mass Mivtza Chanukah

With Chanukah just around the corner, the talmidim hashluchim of Westchester Mesivta are preparing to launch a large-scale Mivtza Chanukah, visiting homes and streets throughout Westchester, Bronx, New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

By the Talmidim Hashluchim to Westchester Mesivta:

As we stand together at the Kinus Hashluchim, we ask you to please support the “shluchim in training” of the Westchester Mesivta.

With ka”h over 150 bachurim in the Westchester Mesivta, we are fortunate every Friday to go out to over 50 locations in Westchester and the Bronx spreading the light of Yiddishkeit to our nearby surroundings. With the help of the nearby Shluchim, our Bachurim light up the world with the Rebbe’s mivtzoyim, including: Mivtza Tefillin, Mivtza neshe”k, sharing Divrei Torah and explaining the importance of purchasing  a letter in the Sefer Torah. With our large Yeshiva and active Mivtzoyim our weekly budget is $1,300!

On Chanukah we expand and outdo the rest of the year going full force with Chanukah packages including Menorahs,  candles, brochures, doughnuts, chocolate gelt and so much more. In addition to this we also expand from our regular Westchester-Bronx mivtzoyim to bikur bayis and street mivtzoyim throughout Westchester, Bronx, New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn!

With our very expensive Chanukah budget as well as the regular Friday Mivtzoyim we are left with with a lot of money which on our own we cannot cover.

We are turning to you for support to help us continue spreading the Rebbe’s light in this dark world!

Please note: For every donation specified to a freind or family member here in the Yeshiva, we will have raffles and automatic prizes!  

Donate here: Gofundme.com/f/westchestermiv

For dedication opportunities or for other payment methods please email us at [email protected].

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