West Coast Young Professionals To Gather For Inspirational Weekend

The Chabad Young Professionals Encounter: Los Angeles Shabbaton is set to unite young Jewish professionals from across the western United States for an immersive and uplifting Shabbos experience of connection and growth. 

As summer sets in at the closing of another eventful year, a grassroots project is brewing amongst CYP’s west coast constituents. The highly anticipated program will be the upcoming CYP “Encounter” Shabbaton. The event is set to take place in the city of angels, where participants will be hosted by gracious members of the vibrant Pico-Robertson community. 

 As with every such regional Shabbaton, those participating will hail from tens of Chabad Young Professional chapters up and down the coast and everywhere else in between. As of now, nearly a dozen chapters will be participating. To add to the camaraderie of the experience, many of their shluchim will be joining in person as well. Inspired by the Rebbe’s directives, shluchim seek to utilize this venue as a means to further pursue Jewish unity. “In this Year of Hakhel, when the Rebbe urged us to unite Jews, we are excited to seize the opportunity to bring more Jews together,” relates Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. 

Being a grassroots project, the CYP Shabbaton will be largely spearheaded by Shluchim and volunteers. One such Shliach is Rabbi Mendel Zajac, director of CYP SOLA in LA. “Our hope is that young professionals will leave this program with Jewish pride, and long-term resolutions to lead more meaningful lives”, he commented.

CYPs’ Encounters have proven to be some of the most impactful projects facilitated by the organization. This is noteworthy considering the organization’s scope. CYP International is currently the largest network of young Jews in the world, boasting 218 chapters serving more than 220,000 affiliates. Coordinated by Rabbi Hershy Weinstein, program director of the Chabad Young Professionals team at Merkos 302, these programs have included experiences in locations as far-flung as Panama and Guatemala. 

Among the groups of young professionals expected to join is our chapter in S. Clara. “This event is expected to be exhilarating. Many of our participants have never experienced a traditional shabbos. Spending a shabbaton in a loving community will be a deeply meaningful experience”, Rabbi Yigal Rosenberg, director of the local CYP Chapter, remarked.

The event will commence at Venice Beach, where participants will have a chance to get to know each other and enjoy a stunning boardwalk tour. As evening approaches, the group will depart to the vibrant Pico-Robertson community, where the local neighborhood’s most gracious families will host them. As sunset arrives, participants will join at Chabad of SOLA for an inspirational evening of singing, bonding, and prayer, followed by a scrumptious Shabbos meal. 

The Shabbaton will feature numerous learning opportunities, headlined by a meaningful talk entitled “Who Am I and What Am I Looking For?”. Participants can additionally look forward to a riveting discourse on the art of Jewish prayer. The weekend will conclude with a trip to Malibu, where the young professionals will enjoy a beautiful hike amongst the spectacular shoreline views. Although a myriad of activities are included in the schedule, the main goal is to inspire participants to connect with their heritage and community on a personal level.

As numerous participants live far from a chapter of CYP, the Shabbaton will also serve as a means for isolated members to meet. This element has proven to be a particularly meaningful aspect of the experience. The number of members who don’t reside in major metropolitan areas is increasing. The networking opportunities this Shabbaton will offer are consequently imperative. “As many young professionals may not have access to Chabad Houses that cater to their specific demographic, this event will provide a golden opportunity to connect with fellow Jews while immersing themselves in Yiddishkeit”, Rabbi Beryl Frankel, director of CYP International at Merkos 302, said. 

The CYP Encounter: West Coast Shabbaton, is scheduled to take place on July 14-16th. Some of the groups joining include CYP chapters in San Francisco, S. Clara, Silicon Valley, Oakland, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

For More Information & Registration:

chabadyoung.com/la  or email [email protected] 

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