Welcome Center for Mekuravim in Memory of Rabbi Kotlarsky

The Kotlarsky family announces plans to build a brand new welcome center in Crown Heights for the thousands of balebatim who visit each year, and the opening of a brand new Keren to assist Shluchim in need.

Dear Mishpachas Hashluchim,

As our family concludes Shiva, we are writing to share the Michtav Preida, in which our dear father z”l shared his parting words to shluchim the world over, whom he cherished as family.

To honor our father’s legacy and pay tribute to his decades of Mesiras Nefesh for shluchim, we hereby announce the launch of a The Keren Ramik Chabad Fund, to continue and to expand the work that the Rebbe entrusted our father with and to assist shluchim in their shlichus and personal needs. Overseen by a vaad, our hope is that this new Keren will bring much nachas to the Rebbe, which is what our father lived for and dedicated his life to achieve.

Additionally, we are honored to unveil a new initiative in tribute to our father z”l, which promises to benefit shluchim and shlichus worldwide. Each year, shluchim and shluchos lead groups of tens of thousands of visitors to Crown Heights. We aim to create a world-class Welcome Center for shluchim to bring their baalei batim, showcasing the remarkable impact of the Rebbe and his shluchim worldwide through state-of-the-art exhibits. This exhibition will also empower and inspire the next generation of Anash and Bochurim to dedicate themselves to Avodas Hashlichus. More details to follow.

We invite the family of shluchim worldwide to unify in a joint endeavor l’iluy nishmaso by partaking in a Chalukas HaShas to be completed by the first yahrtzeit (27 Iyar 5785). Please click here to select a mesechta.

On behalf of the entire Kotlarsky family, we want to thank you for the thousands of warm Nichum Aveilim messages that have poured in and those who have already taken on to learn Mishnayos and Hachlotos, especially by joining the OneMitzvah.org/rmk campaigns, which was very dear to him. 

Best wishes for Kabbalas Hatorah Besimcha U’bepnimius. May we hear and share Besuros Tovos and merit the coming of Moshiach Bimheira B’yameinu, when we will merit to witness the day when “Umocha Hashem Dimeah Me’al Kol Ponim” with the Rebbe B’Rosheinu.


The Kotlarsky family 

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