Weekly Videos to Boost Children’s Hiskashrus

In preparation for Gimmel Tamuz, the Wenger family of Montreal is presenting an exciting weekly video for kids, with stories and lessons on how we can connect to the Rebbe today.

As we approach the special day of Gimmel Tamuz, Chasidim are looking for ways to strengthen their hiskashrus to the Rebbe.

To help children from all over the world reach that goal, the Wenger family of Montreal is launching an exciting program. For three weeks leading up to Gimel Tamuz, they will be presenting a weekly video full of exciting chassidishe content on the topic of hiskashrus. Three raffles will be drawn each week with amazing prizes to be won.

Each video will include:

  1. An inspiring story of the Rebbe
  2. A lesson from the ma’amar of V’Atah Tetzaveh
  3. A Sicha where the Rebbe explains how we can connect to a Rebbe

Everything will be presented in the Wenger’s signature style, with meaning, sincerity and passion.

The program will run from Yud Beis Sivan until Gimel Tamuz (May 23 – June 13).

There will be three questions on each section of the video. If you can answer two out of three questions on each part, you’ll be entered into three different raffles each week.

Watch the videos and answer the questions at lebidik.com

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