Weekly Rambam Insights Grow Into Full Publication

After delivering a weekly shiur with an insight on the daily Rambam, Rabbi Eli Nosson Silberberg, Rosh Yeshiva of the Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago, compiled the insights into a kuntres of its own. Download here.

By Anash.org reporter

A weekly insight in Rambam has grown to become a full kuntres of its own.

For the past year and a half, Rabbi Eli Nosson Silberberg, Rosh Yeshiva of the Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago, has been delivering a weekly shiur on the daily study of Rambam, with an insight on the subject being studied that day.

The shiurim are part of a multi-pronged effort to expand and enhance the study of three perokim of Rambam daily, with shiurim and other resources. The resources, hosted on Rambam.today, aim to aid anyone in studying the daily shiur. In addition, after the conclusion of each sefer in Rambam, a virtual siyum is held and hosted on Anash.org.

Among the resources is the ‘Rambam Insights’ podcast, which offers a daily 15-minute shiur learning one halacha from that day’s Rambam in-depth.

Among the scholars delivering the shiurim is Rabbi Silberberg, who has continuously given the shiur once a week since its launch.

After a year plus of shiurim, Rabbi Silberberg compiled the insights into a kuntres entitled ‘Matnas Yayin’. The kuntres is the fifth instalment in the series, with previous installments publishing insights on Rashi al Hatorah, pruzbal, and other insights in Rambam.

Click here to download the booklet.

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