Weekly Kollel Brings Torah to Crown Heights Outskirts

With many young couples moving to outlying neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Lefferts Shul is a the central hub for the growing Anash community to the south of Crown Heights, offering a men’s mikvah, minyanim, shiurim and more.

By Anash.org reporter

What began as a small, quiet shul on the outskirts of Crown Heights has steadily grown into a beacon of light for hundreds of people.

Due to the lack of affordable housing in Crown Heights, an increasing number of young Lubavitcher families are moving to the East Flatbush, Remsen Gardens, and Wingate neighborhoods. With the growth of those “communities within a community” the shul at 672 Lefferts, aptly known as “the Lefferts Shul” has become the closest address for them to find a men’s mikvah and shul with multiple daily minyanim.

Lefferts Shul is more than just a room for davening. The shul has become a chassidishe community center, a place for farbrengens, shiurim and community gatherings. Special days on the Chabad calendar are marked with a farbrengen, and even on a regular day, one can find numerous members of Anash sitting and learning there at all hours of the day.

During the month of Elul this past year, the shul decided to take it up to the next notch. Inspired by Irgun Torah, a Sunday morning Kollel was introduced, giving a chance for many working members of the community to attend an enjoyable shiur by a wide range of speakers.

Every week, over 20 members of Anash gather to listen to a Halacha shiur and enjoy a light brunch. A different guest speaker is invited every week, and a thought-provoking and relevant topic is chosen. Past speakers included Rabbis Yosef Braun, Yaakov Osdoba, Yosef Shmukler, and Michoel Lerner.

Some of the recent topics have included Hamotzi vs Mezonos bread, and paying interest to a Jewish bank. Attention is given that each shiur should be both interesting and practical.

As the shiur continues to thrive, organizers are inviting all Crown Heights residents to come and join. Anyone can join on any particular week, and enjoy the intriguing shiur together with the wholesome breakfast.

“The shiur is created with the community in mind,” organizer R’ Yisroel Meir Abramson told Anash.org. “Come join, and start off your week on the right foot.”

Shacharis is at 9:20 AM, followed by the shiur at 10:15 AM.

To receive a recording of the shiurim, or to be updated on upcoming shiurim, send a WhatsApp to 347-922-8201.

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