Weekend in Crown Heights Leaves a Lasting Impression

Sixteen campers who spent the past summer in L’man Achai enjoyed a Shabbaton in Crown Heights, leaving a lasting impression, and inspiring the boys to grow in their Yiddishkeit.

Sixteen Lman Achai alumni spent a recent weekend in Crown Heights, enjoying a Shabbaton packed with programs and activities.

The alumni arrived from across the country, traveling from Iowa, Myrtle Beach, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. They were joined by a number of the staff who had spent the past summer with them.

The Shabbaton began with an inspirilng Ma’ariv in 770, followed by a beautiful camp-style meal at the home of R’ Moshe Rubashkin. Throughout the meal, campers and staff shared memories from their past summer in Lman Achai, and camp songs were sung with great enthusiasm. The meal continued into a farbrengen with Schneur Majeski.

Shabbos morning, the group davened at Reb Michoel’s Minyan, where they heard Parshas Zachor. The group of boys and staff were split up to eat the day meal. They ate delicious food and experienced an authentic Shabbos meal at the homes of Rabbi Yitzchok Steinmetz, the camp director, Rabbi Moshe Rendler, one of camps’ learning teachers, and Rabbi Shloma Majesky, principal of Machon L’Yahadus. A Shabbos afternoon farbrengen was held with Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum.

After the conclusion of Shabbos and Havdala, the group headed out for some fun activities, including rope courses, zip-lining, skating, and rock climbing. They then headed back to Crown Heights, where a grand pizza Melave Malka was held, addressed by Rabbi Levi Raices, Shliach to Kharkiv, who spoke about his escape, the situation in Ukraine, and how he continues to help the Yidden who remain behind.

After the campers headed back to their respective homes, the compliments and thanks from their parents kept on coming in. “I feel like the richest mother, seeing the smile on my son’s face,” one mother told the Shabbaton coordinator.

For more information about Camp L’man Achai, visit their website at CampLmanAchai.com.

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