Wednesday: Double Siyum Harambam in Crown Heights

A Siyum Haramabm on Sefer Tahara for 3 perokim, and Sefer Korbanos for 1 perek, will take place this Wednesday night in Crown Heights.

Irgun Torah and Empire Shtiebel invite you to a Siyum HaRambam — with both cycles of Rambam finishing simultaneously — on Sefer Taharah (3 Perakim) & Sefer Korbanos (1 Perek) and a farbrengen. 

This Wednesday night, February 9th — 8 Adar Alef, 8:00pm Ma’ariv, followed by Siyum. At Empire Shtiebel 489 Empire Blvd.

The siyum on sefer Taharah will be done by Rabbi Michoel Zajac (Magid shiur of 3 perakim Rambam at Empire Shtiebel). With Haschalas Sefer Nezikin by Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz. (Magid shiur of 3 perakim Rambam Online and the Rambam app).

The siyum on sefer Korbanos will be done by Rabbi Shalom Ber Spielman (Magid shiur of 1 perek Rambam at Lefferts Shul). With Haschalas Sefer Taharah by Rabbi Kasriel Kastel.

Participating Magidei Shiurim: Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz • Rabbi Zalman Hertzel – Tiferes Zekeinim • Reb Yisroel Cohen – 770 • Rabbi Michoel Zajac – Empire Shtiebel • Reb Mendel Potash – 8th grade • Rabbi Levi Rapoport – Reyim Ahuvim • Rabbi Shalom Ber Shpielman – Lefferts Shul. For Timings, info and more Shiurim, visit:

The event is organized by Irgun Torah.  

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