Wealth of Resources Released for ‘Tut Altz’ Week 2

The momentum, excitement and involvement for the ‘Tut Altz’ project continues to grow in numbers, ages, and languages. A large number of resources for week 2 were just released.

Which resources did you use last week as part of the “It’s Time To Know” global learning initiative?

The good news is that all the materials you need for week 2 are now available on the website at TutAltz.com and if you sign up, you will receive them directly in your inbox each week.

The momentum, excitement and involvement for this project continues to grow in numbers, ages, and languages.

Seeing the multi language opportunities, Rabbi Chai Kohn, Director of Merkos 302 Spanish Department, commented, “Studying about Moshiach has never been as accessible as it is now. Thanks to all the material that is available weekly, it is possible for every Chossid to study these fundamental topics.”

As one participant put it, “I click on the website and there before me is an intellectual smorgasbord. I have never seen a project of this magnitude before. I am proud to be a part of it and they have certainly catered for my needs making the response to ‘Tut Altz’ more tangible than ever before.”

The organizers are responding to this energy by doing more and more, never settling for what has already been accomplished.

Make sure to take advantage of these two new opportunities. Rabbi YY Jacobson is delivering a live shiur, Weekly on Sunday mornings at 10am (EDT). 

This past Sunday, the first in the series, has already garnered over 2,500 views.

Rabbi Berel Bell, Rov in Montreal, will be delivering a unique course on Dvar Malchus, which is being launched today.

Have you joined the movement?

Here’s what Rabbi Sholom Ber Baumgarten, Director of Tzivos Hashem,  said, “I see an incredible transformation happening in our community. One that is perhaps unseen in the past 30 years. I, and many of my friends, have greatly gained by this learning initiative.” 

150 of Shuls worldwide have begun hosting weekly learning sessions. To arrange for your shul contact [email protected].

130 Schools are taking part in the school program. 

To sign up your school contact [email protected].

65 Yeshivos have arranged weekly Seder Sichos for their Bochurim. 

To sign up your school contact [email protected].

30 High schools and seminaries are well underway in their own learning programs.

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