Wealth of Chassidishe Content Available at Your Fingertips

Rather than charging a hefty premium for previous issues and articles, Derher has made them all available online for free, and even added a user-friendly index to help you find the article you need.

By Anash.org reporter

While many magazines charge a hefty premium to access back issues, and others don’t even have a proper archive, the Derher leads the way by making all their previous issues free, and easy to acess.

In Lubavitcher households around the world, the Derher is eagerly awaited each month. Children, teenagers and adults alike read the magazine, packed with content that is both chassidish and compelling. Copies are passed from hand to hand, and the magazine is read from cover to cover by thousands of chassidim, bochurim, girls and children.

Many times, as a Yoma D’pagra or a special day on the calendar comes by, a parent or teacher wishes they could access an article they read a while back. The expertly written pieces bring life to the chassidishe yom tov, and rereading it themselves, or printing it for their students and children, would help them relive those moments.

Thankfully, the entirety of the Derher archives is now available online at no charge! The Derher team uploaded pdfs of every single Derher to their website, and reading, or even downloading, is allowed and even encouraged.

But the Derher team didn’t stop there. They created a index, making it easy to find any article by topic. Looking for an article to print for Yud Alef Nissan? Nineteen articles can be found under the Yud Alef Nissan tab. An article explaining the Rebbe’s approach to anti-Semitism? Just look in Avodas Hashem>Chassidishe Approach>Anti-Semitism.

A big thank you is owed to Derher for making these rich archives available to the public. Written in lucid English, and presented in a professional and engaging manner, the articles are the perfect resource for our youth, and adults as well.

The only thing left to do is to go ahead and browse!

This year, the Derher is marking a decade of producing Chassidishe literature for the entire family, every single month. 

They are celebrating this milestone by raffling off $10,000! 

Join the Derher Raffle today!


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