We Made a Mistake, Don’t Do the Same

A Message from the Anash.org Editorial Team: After we opened an Anash.org Telegram Channel, we were contacted by readers who were concerned over the dangers so easily accessible on the app.

A Message from the Anash.org Editorial Team

Yesterday, we announced that, in response to the high number of users downloading the Telegram App, Anash.org would be opening an official channel to send out breaking news stories and important news alerts.

Since that announcement, concerned Anash.org readers reached out and alerted us to some of the dangers so easily accessible on the app. Unlike WhatsApp, which is a messaging service, Telegram also hosts “channels” which can be found, and joined, with a simple search. Many of these channels contain unsuitable, or even illegal material.

In response to the concern, Anash.org will be shutting our Telegram channel. We encourage all parents to properly research the dangers in the app before allowing their children, or themselves, to download it.

Anash.org will continue to send out breaking news and important alerts on our WhatsApp chat, as well as our other social media platforms.

In keeping in line with the Rabbonim's policies for websites, we do not allow comments. However, our Rabbonim have approved of including input on articles of substance (Torah, history, memories etc.)

We appreciate your feedback. If you have any additional information to contribute to this article, it will be added below.

  1. wow!!! כל הכבוד!! thanks for no giving in to the “everyone has it” line & not giving up our Chassidishe values, & for being able no only to say “I made a mistake” but to tell everyone about it so that they don’t do the same mistake!
    may you be the first of many more!

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