We Aren’t Born Bar Mitzvah’ed

The less crucial segments of the Purim story shed light on the details of our childhood and our ongoing surroundings. Watch Illuminate by Maor, Episode #29

At times, we are faced with an experience that seems like a detour from life’s beaten path. We wonder: Why me? Why now? 

Sometimes it takes years, or a lifetime, until the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and we understand the reason for it all. 


Megillas Esther is a literary masterpiece filled with suspense, mystery, and lots of descriptive details. But much of the narrative seems secondary to the crux of the story — the Purim miracle. 

The Tana’im debate: Which part of the Megillah is the most essential to be read on Purim? 

One sage suggests that we begin reading from where we are introduced to Mordechai. Another says that we should begin with the section describing Haman’s rise to power. 

The conclusion of the discussion is that we read the entire book from the start, leaving out no details. We begin with events that happened in the Persian royal court seven years prior to the Purim story. Why are these details necessary?

Achashverosh’s sovereignty, the drunken festivities, and Vashti’s execution were all building blocks of a Divine plan. Each “unrelated” segment of the story led up to the eventual triumph of the Jewish people. 

Our lives follow the same pattern. The details of our childhood and our surroundings are there by Divine design. We aren’t born Bar Mitzvah’ed. Our experiences lay the groundwork for our service of Hashem. Ultimately, you will discover how the enormous universe and all of its elements revolve around you and your Divine mission.

When quantity and quality seem to collide, the player with the quality need not panic. Having access to Divine powers, the minority knows that all the strings will be pulled together to act in his favor.

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