Watch: The Rebbe’s Advice on Mastering Time

A new four-part series from JEM will bring to light the Rebbe’s unique advice for mastering the gift of time when the day never seems to be long enough…

Beginning tomorrow May 15, on JEM’s daily WhatsApp, a new four-part series will bring to light the Rebbe’s unique advice for Mastering the Gift of Time.

With limited brain capacity and numbered hours in our day, it never seems to be enough. How can we make the most of our time, resources, and energy in a world that pulls us in countless directions? This series will offer the Rebbe’s practical advice on maximizing one’s time for the best chance of success.

MASTERING THE GIFT OF TIME begins tomorrow May 15, on JEM’s WhatsApp community. Click here to join today.

Time is a creation of Hashem, and should be treated as such; with respect for each moment and the realization that every second is a gift. Just as one would not want to lose any of their hard-earned possessions, one should be equally reluctant to let go of life’s most valuable resource: the Gift of Time

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