Watch: R’ Yoel’s Shloshim Highlights

Missed the live event? Watch these short clips, where you can enjoy words of inspiration and motivation that were shared before, during and after R’ Yoel’s shloshim.

The virtual event held in honor of R’ Yoel’s shloshim had a wonderful turnout. People from all over the world tuned in to soak up words of inspiration and motivation from the many Rabbanim and Mashpiim. 

“So many of us owe so much to R’ Yoel…” shared Rabbi Kotlarsky during his talk. “There is nothing more fitting than the building that they want to build… in the name of R’ Yoel. Give what you can- give more than you can- because R’ Yoel deserves no less from us.”. 

Rabbi Braun noted: “Bais R’ Yoel is going to be amazing…it will bring the light of Chassidus, the light of Torah, the light of the Rebbe’s teachings, to a much wider audience than ever before.”

It is evidenced from the sentiments shared throughout R’ Yoel’s shloshim, that R’ Yoel’s work continues to impact thousands of people. Therefore, his work must be given a home; a space of its own where the impact will continue, allowing even more people to benefit from his influence. Only a few hours remain to the fundraising campaign that will help make this dream a reality. Visit now to contribute to this important endeavor. 

Missed the live event? Watch these short clips, where you can enjoy the messages that were shared before, during, and after R’ Yoel’s shloshim.

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