Watch: Daily Bais Hamikdash Video

Watch: Rabbi Chananya Hoffinger presents the daily visual video and quiz on Hilchos Beis Habechira. Also inside: Winners of Sunday’s raffle.

Rabbi Chananya Hoffinger presents the daily visual video and quiz on Hilchos Beis Habechira.

Today’s video goes through the Ezras Kohanim; from the Duchan to the Tzafon area near the Mizbeah, from the rings used to Shecht the Korbanos to the tables used to rinse the meat.

You will also see the size of the Ezras  Kohanim relative to the area around 770.

Yesterday’s raffle winners are:
$50 Judaica World gift card: Mottel Silverstein
$36 Judaica World gift card: Yehudis Wisnefsky

“Baruch Hashem there is a great interest in these video classes, and we have received much positive feedback,” Rabbi Hoffinger said.

Here are some of the messages he recieved:

“I just sat with my kids ages 8-10 and watched the video. I paused, and explained it to them. We then took the quiz together. They enjoyed it, hopefully we’ll be able to do this everyday. Thank you!”

“We just watched the first videos and took the quiz! The kids (and their mother:)) loved it! Thank you so much!”
The — Family!

One listener messaged Rabbi Hoffinger that he wants to sponsor 1 class, then he said he wants to sponsor 2 classes. Then he adds “Thanks for putting this on, I probably never would have learnt this”. A few minutes later he sent a payment to sponsor 5 classes!

VIDEO: Beis Hamikdash Class 2

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