War in Ukraine, Terror in Israel – What Can I Do?

With chaos abounding, both at home and abroad, you might find yourself feeling quite defenseless. Is there any way that you can actually make a difference? Yes, there is! 

With the world in a seemingly never ending spiral of chaos and uncertainty, we are all wondering what we can do to bring some semblance of stability.

But can I really make a difference when I am found tens of thousands of miles away?

Yes, you can!

Here is something you can do.

As we all know, the Mivtza of Ois B’Sefer Torah was created by the Rebbe for the purpose of providing a shield of spiritual, and physical, protection to the entire world.

Even if you already have a letter in one of the Unity Sifrei Torah, you can secure additional letters in a new Sefer Torah for yourself and for your family members. 

Not only can you, it is something that you should definitely do as the world is in desperate need of an added measure of protection.

“.. those who have already acquired letters in the Sefer Torah Haklali, ‘it will not harm them’ to acquire additional letters in other Sifrei Torah Klalim.” – Sicha, Shabbos Bamidbar 5745.

In fact, it will only add in the merit and security that the Torah brings to the world.

Sign up for yourself, sign up your entire family and social circle!

All you need is their name and their mother’s name and you are good to go!

Acquire your letter today!


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