War Day 215: Biden Threatens Ammo Sales, Defense Hints to War in N.

War Summary, Day Two Hundred and Fifteen: Kerem Shalom Crossing reopened under fire, Hamas’s Navy commander eliminated, Biden says he will stop ammunition sales to Israel in case of entry to Rafah population centers, Hezbollah continues to escalate and refuses to negotiate a ceasefire, and Defense Minister hints to a summertime war in the north.

By Mrs. Bruria Efune

132 held captive in Gaza.
112 hostages freed.
12 hostage bodies rescued.
39 hostages confirmed murdered in Gaza.
1,502 Israelis murdered.
267 fallen soldiers in the battle in Gaza.
13 fallen soldiers in Northern Israel.
5 fallen soldiers in Judea & Samaria.
11,600+ injured.
13,640 estimated rockets fired at Israel.
90,000 Israelis displaced from their homes.
1 Jewish nation united in prayer, charity, and good deeds.

Top Headlines:

  • The head of the CIA visited Egypt and Israel to push a hostage-ceasefire deal
  • The Kerem Shalom Crossing reopened under fire
  • The commander of Hamas’s Navy was eliminated
  • The IDF continues to hold the Rafah crossing
  • Biden says he will stop ammunition sales to Israel in case of entry to Rafah population centers
  • Hezbollah continues to escalate and refuses to negotiate a ceasefire
  • Defense Minister hints to a summertime war in the north
  • A Yamam commander fell in battle in Tulkarem

Hostage Updates:

Hamas is continuing to try and negotiate a proposal that would bring an end to the war with a complete IDF withdrawal, and continued Hamas control of Gaza. Israel appears to be under increasing pressure to agree to such a proposal.

The head of the CIA, William Burns, has been in Egypt and Israel, attempting to push for an agreement, and met with Prime Minister Netanyahu today. An Israeli source told Reuters that Israel sees no breakthrough in the talks.

Gaza Front Updates:

Hamas fired barrages of rockets at the Kerem Shalom Crossing twice today, one of the times triggering sirens in the nearby community of Shlomit. One soldier was lightly injured at the crossing. The crossing, from where humanitarian aid is transferred to Gaza, was reopened today against security recommendations, but at the pressing of the Biden administration. The rockets were fired from heavily populated areas in Rafah.

In addition, Hamas fired at a vehicle with Palestinian workers on the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom Crossing. Several wounded workers were treated by IDF medics who were in the area.

Thank G-d, the IDF dod not announce any fallen heroes in Gaza today.

IDF troops continue to control the Netzarim Corridor, which divides the north and south of Gaza, prevents Hamas return to the north, and allow troops quick and easy access to carry out missions in essential areas. The corridor is a prominent and wide strip of land, with three IDF bases on it, and is the constant target of Hamas attacks.

The IDF and Shin Bet announced today that the commander of Hamas’s Navy, Ahmed Ali, was eliminated in an airstrike. Ali was also responsible for advancing many attacks against troops on the Netzarim Corridor.

The IDF is continuing to fight Hamas in Eastern Rafah—which is a rural area of the city—and continues to hold the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing to Egypt. Infantry are searching buildings for Hamas positions and tunnels, and the Rafah crossing for Hamas smuggling operations. Since the beginning of the operation on Monday morning, the IDF eliminated around 30 terrorists in the area, and the Air Force struck over 100 Hamas targets un the city. Troops also found and searched multiple tunnel shafts which are being prepared for demolition.

There are reports that the IDF is looking for a third-party to operate the Rafah crossing, and that the Palestinian Authority is vying for the position.

Late Wednesday night, heavy artillery fire was reported in the area between Khan Younis and Rafah, possibly an indication of IDF troops moving to surround Rafah from all sides.

Israeli farmers were instructed today not to go to work in areas within four kilometers of the border with Gaza, due to heavy activity in Gaza.

Weapons Shipment Pause:

U.S. President Biden confirmed in an interview on CNN that he told Netanyahu that if the IDF enters the population centers in Rafah (which he says they did not yet do), he will stop the sale of weapons and artillery shells needed to do it.

Currently, Biden has delayed the sale of 6,500 JDAM Kits (which convert unguided bombs into precision-guided bombs), as well as another sale of 3,500 heavy bombs.

According to reports within the IDF, troops are already limited due to the scarcity of the guided bombs, and need to improvise in ways that are far more dangerous to soldiers and have led to casualties in the past.

Speaker Johnson and Senate minority leader McConnell sent a letter to President Biden expressing alarm over the delayed shipment, and asked for clarification by the end of the week.

Biden’s strong stance completely removes Israel’s ability to threaten Hamas with a Rafah incursion in order to bring about the release of hostages, unless Israel is clear that it is ready and capable to go alone, without U.S. support. Hamas’s strongest remaining power is hiding between and under civilians in Rafah.

Biden also told CNN that he is “working with Arab countries that are ready to rebuild Gaza and assist in the transition to a two-state solution, following the war between Hamas and Israel.” A move which the majority of Israelis see as a reward to Hamas for their October 7th massacre.

Gaza Humanitarian Efforts Updates:

The last update on the transfer of aid to Gaza is from May 7th, when the Kerem Shalom Crossing was still closed due to Hamas fire. It is now reopened, even though the fire continues. On May 7th:

185 pallets containing tens of thousands of packages of food aid were airdropped into Gaza
64 aid trucks were coordinated to northern Gaza, via the Erez Crossing.
26 bakeries are currently operational in Gaza, providing close to 5 million breads, rolls, and pita breads daily.
The northern water pipeline from Israel is now fully operational, providing an average of 50 liters per person a day.

Northern Front Updates:

Significant escalation continued in the north today, with Hezbollah in Lebanon firing heavily on Israel’s far northern communities. Hezbollah uses a wide range of weapons, but favors attack drones and anti-tank missiles, which frequently evade air defenses by flying low and hitting short-range targets. In many Israeli communities along the Lebanese border, as many as three quarters of the homes are damaged by Hezbollah fire.

The Israeli Air Force struck over 20 targets in Southern Lebanon, belonging to Hezbollah and other terror groups, including the Palestinian Islamic Jihad who announced three deaths. The IDF release a video of the strikes, in which secondary explosions are seen, indicating the presence of munition storages.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant hinted to a summertime war during a visit to soldiers in the north. Gallant said that while the IDF has succeeded in pushing back Hezbollah forces, they still have not disappeared. He said that in order to safely return residents to the north, either an agreement is needed with Lebanon, or an operational process.

“We have very significant, very heavy firepower, and we will make sure to use it if there is a need and a reason,” he said, adding, “You have proven yourselves until today, I think in an impressive way. “Now you have to prepare for the upcoming [missions], and that this summer could be a hot summer.”

France is continuing efforts to bring about a ceasefire deal with Lebanon and Hezbollah, but to no success. Sources told “Al-Akhbar” that Hezbollah refused to talk about any French or other proposal, and will not stop firing until the IDF withdraws from Gaza.

Judea and Samaria Updates:

The Border Police (which is a unit of both the IDF and police) announced that a commander from the elite Yamam counter-terrorism unit has succumbed to his wounds after being seriously injured during an operation near Tulkarem on May 4th.

Chief Inspector Yitav Lev Halevi, 28, from Jerusalem

The IDF carried out counters operations in various areas in Judea and Samaria today, including Nur al-Shams, Tulkarm, and Shoafat.

The Shin Bet announced that they found and arrested the Palestinian terrorist who had set up an explosive-laden Palestinian flag on the side of a highway, light injuring an off-duty reservist. During his arrest IDF troops also confiscated materials found in his home, which were used for making explosives.

This update is sponsored by Melanie and Hilton Efune and their children, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren, in honor of the heroic IDF and the resilient people of Israel. With thanks to Mendy and Bruria for all you do and your comforting words that inspire us and help us remain connected to Israel.

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  1. God is with you Israel.
    In God’s time, not humans time, good will prevail over evil.
    Just know that millions of Christians all around the world are praying for you during this terrible time.

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