War Day 207: IDF Prepares to Enter Rafah, Turkish Tourist Stabs Police Officer

War Summary, Day Two Hundred and Seven: Intense negotiators ongoing over hostages, Netanyahu promises a Rafah ground operation, and a Turkish tourist stabbed an Israeli police officer.

By Mrs. Bruria Efune

133 held captive in Gaza.
112 hostages freed.
12 hostage bodies rescued.
37 hostages confirmed murdered in Gaza.
1,494 Israelis murdered.
263 fallen soldiers in the battle in Gaza.
7 fallen soldiers in Northern Israel.
4 fallen soldiers in Judea & Samaria.
11,600+ injured.
13,560 estimated rockets fired at Israel.
102,100 Israelis displaced from their homes.
1 Jewish nation united in prayer, charity, and good deeds.

Top Headlines:

  • Intense negotiators ongoing
  • Netanyahu promises a Rafah ground operation
  • Turkish tourist stabbed an Israeli police officer

Hostage Updates:

Negotiations for a hostage deal are ongoing, with Egypt as the main mediator. Hamas has added some demands the the last offer, and is expected to give a final answer in the coming days. The conditions of the deal in question are described as “extremely generous” on Israel’s part, and include a retreat in position. While some thing that Hamas will accept the deal, an increasing number of insiders are saying that the probability is now very low, since Hamas has repeatedly expressed that they will only accept a deal which ends the war and leads to a complete Israeli withdrawal, and Israel has made it clear that there will be no end to the war until Hamas either surrenders or is defeated.

Defense Minister Gallant today told troops: “In Gaza we are obligated to eliminate Hamas and also to return the hostages, we are working on these two tasks and I am determined to accomplish both things, it will take as long as it takes, but we must do this task.”

On Twitter/X, President Biden wrote that Hamas “is now the only obstacle to an immediate ceasefire and relief for civilians in Gaza.”

Gaza Front Updates:

Hamas fired a rocket at civilians in Sderot on Monday, and it was successfully intercepted by the Iron Dome. On Tuesday Hamas fired two rockets towards Ashdod, but they landed in the sea, and no sirens were triggered.

The IDF announced the names of two heroes who fell in battle in Gaza:

Master Sgt. (res.) Ido Aviv, 28, from Karmiel.
Master Sgt. (res.) Kalkidan Meharim 37, from Petah Tikva.

The two fell from friendly fire during a battle against Hamas terrorists. Their units are new to Gaza.

In Northern Gaza, IDF troops demolished two Hamas and PIJ terror tunnels in Beit Hanoun. The tunnels, which did not enter Israeli territory, were under “continuous intelligence and technological surveillance” since their earlier discovery. Also in Northern Gaza, the Air Force struck a number of rocket launchers, tunnel shafts, and other Hamas infrastructure located by troops on ground.

In Central Gaza, the Carmeli and Yiftah Brigades are now operating along the Natzerim Corridor in place of the Nachal Brigade. Over the last few days, troops eliminated terrorists in a number of small raids and battles along the corridor, and called airstrikes when they discovered a cell of terrorists and a weapons depot.

The 98th and 162nd Divisions have been preparing intensively for the Rafah ground operation, and maintenance teams cleaned and repaired the armored vehicles. The IDF says that they are fully prepared to begin.

Right-wing politicians have been pressuring Prime Minister Netanyahu not to accept any deal that includes a permanent ceasefire without a Rafah operation. According to Amit Segal, 80% of Israelis believe that entering Rafah to dismantle Hamas is mandatory.

Netanyahu met with members of the Tikva Forum which represents families of hostages, and members of the Gibora Forum which represents families of fallen heroes. Netanyahu strongly reassured the hostage and bereaved families “We will enter Rafah and eliminate the Hamas battalions there – with or without a deal.”

Gaza Humanitarian Efforts Updates:

On Monday:

273 trucks were distributed within Gaza, 160 of which contained food
94 pallets containing tens of thousands of packages of food aid were airdropped over northern Gaza
4 tankers of cooking gas and 4 of fuel designated for the operation of essential infrastructure in Gaza, entered Gaza.
26 bakeries are currently operational in Gaza, providing close to 5 million breads, rolls, and pita breads daily.
The average daily water quantity is now over 20 liters per person, all coming from water lines from Israel, local desalination plants, pumping facilities, the Emirati water line from Egypt, and water delivered as humanitarian aid.

More aid is entering Gaza now than was before October 7th. Some calculate that more food is entering than both what was imported and produced in Gaza before the war.

Israeli activists from the Order 9 group, and from families of hostages, continuously attempt to block the aid, particularly from the Allenby crossing from Jordan. The activists protest the shipment of aid which is handled by Hamas, who sees and make a profit off it.

The IDF is expanding the humanitarian zone along the coast of Southern Gaza.

Northern Front Updates:

Hezbollah continues to fire heavily on Israel’s far north, including a late-night anti-tank missile on a civilian vehicle, and direct hits on homes along the border. Hamas in Lebanon also joined in the fire, with a barrage of 20 rockets at Kiryat Shemona. No casualties were reported.

The UDF in return struck a large number of Hezbollah targets in Southern Lebanon, including against buildings were Hezbollah members were known to be inside.

Judea and Samaria Updates:

A 34-year-old Turkish tourist stabbed a 30-year-old IDF police officer in Jerusalem’s Old City. The police officer Is listed in moderate condition. The tourist was shot and eliminated by a nearby police officer.

After the attack, the daughter of Turkish President Erdogan wrote on Twitter/X: “Congratulations on your martyrdom, hero. The martyr Hasan, the one who carried out the operation against the Zionists in occupied Jerusalem. Watch the courage of this hero.”

General Updates:

Egyptian drug smugglers were caught damaging the border fence in the Mount Harif region. Troops opened fire on the smugglers. This is a frequent occurrence.

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