War Day 190: Iran Launches Massive Attack of Missile, Drones

War Summary, Day One Hundred and Ninety: Iran launched hundreds of attack drones and missiles toward Israel which the Israeli Air Force and coalition forces have downed, Iranian IRGC hijacked an Israeli-linked ship, top Hamas commanders eliminated, and the missing 14-year-old Israeli shepherd boy was killed by terrorists.

By Mrs. Bruria Efune

133 held captive in Gaza.
112 hostages freed.
12 hostage bodies rescued.
37 hostages confirmed murdered in Gaza.
1,490 Israelis murdered.
260 fallen soldiers in the battle in Gaza.
6 fallen soldiers in Northern Israel.
4 fallen soldiers in Judea & Samaria.
11,600+ injured.
13,300 estimated rockets fired at Israel.
102,100 Israelis displaced from their homes.
1 Jewish nation united in prayer, charity, and good deeds.

Top Headlines:

  • Iran launched hundreds of attack drones and missiles towards Israel
  • The Israeli Air Force and coalition forces have downed hundreds of drones
  • Iranian IRGC hijacked an Israeli-linked ship
  • Top Hamas commanders eliminated in Gaza and Judea & Samaria.
  • 14 year old Israeli shepherd boy killed by terrorists

Hostage Updates:

Hamas turned down all deal offers, and demand a complete ceasefire and IDF withdrawal.

Iranian Front Update:

The first wave of Iranian cruise missiles arrived in Israel around 1:42 a.m., sending a wave of sirens throughout Jerusalem; most of the south—including Dimona, Arad, and Be’er Sheva; much of Judea and Samaria, and the Golan. This is the first ever direct attack from Iran to Israel.

Following the attack, IDF spokesman, Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, said that more than 200 missiles were launched towards Israel. Most of the launches were intercepted outside and inside Israel, but there are a few individual missiles that fell.

Israeli air defense systems were seen in a dramatic battle, taking down almost all the missiles. One direct hit was reported, on the Arab town of Umm al-Fahm, and one at an IDF base in the south—causing only minor damage.

A 10-year-old girl from a Bedouin town near Arad was severely injured from fallen shrapnel.

Very large chunks of intercepted missiles were seen in Jordan.

Israel is continuing to intercept drones and missiles which haven’t yet entered Israeli airspace, and is being assisted with interceptions over Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Yemen by the U.S., U.K., and France. Jordan also intercepted some over their airspace.

Israel is prepared for more drones and missiles to arrive from Iran and its proxies, and is also ready to retaliate and strike Iranian targets. In the meantime, at 3:30 a.m., Home Front Command told Israelis that they no longer need to stand by bomb shelters until further notice.

The IRGC also directly threaten the United States: “We warn the terrorist government of the United States that any participation or support in an attack on Iran’s interests will receive a severe response from the armed forces of Iran.”

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres strongly condemned Iran’s attack against Israel: “I strongly condemn the serious escalation represented by the large-scale attack launched on Israel by Iran. I call for an immediate cessation of these hostilities. Neither the region nor the world can afford another war.”

Gaza Front Updates:

On Friday night, at least 8 rockets were fired by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad towards Sderot. Some were intercepted by the Iron Dome, others landed in empty areas. No physical injuries were reported. At least 80% of Sderot residents have already returned home after evacuating in October.

Overnight, the IDF struck three launchers In Gaza, which were loaded with 20 rockets prepared and aimed at central Israel.

The IDF did not report and fallen heroes in Gaza.

On Friday the IDF and Shin Bet reported that Radwan Muhammad Abdullah Radwan, Hamas’s police chief in Northern Gaza’s Jabaliya, and member of Hamas’s terror military, was killed in an airstrike. Radian was responsible for directing the hijacking of humanitarian aid trucks in Gaza.

The airstrike also eliminated Hamed Muhammad Ali Ahmed, a commander in the Hamas military wing and Jabaliya police, and one other terrorist from the Jabaliya battalion.

The IDF is continuing to operate in Central Gaza on the outskirts of Nuseirat, and is also carrying out pinpoint operations in various areas across the Gaza Strip, such as in Beit Hanoun in Northern Gaza. A large number of terrorists were eliminated by both troops on ground, and around 100 airstrikes over the lats two days.

In one instance, just northeast of Nuseirat, IDF troops found a Hamas cell inside a school building. The soldiers located and neutralized several heavy primed explosives that were hidden in the classrooms and courtyard.

Gaza Humanitarian Efforts Updates:

On Friday:
213 aid trucks inspected and transferred to Gaza.
110 packages were airdropped over northern Gaza.
44 private sector food aid trucks coordinated to northern Gaza.

Today the first ever convoy of humanitarian aid trucks entered directly into Northern Gaza via a new land crossing, after being thoroughly inspected at the Kerem Shalom crossing in the north.

Northern Front Updates:

On both Friday and Shabbat, Hezbollah fired heavily from Lebanon onto communities in Israel’s far north, including one barrage of 40 rockets at a time. One home was hit in Shtula, and one explosive-laden drone hit Hanita, severely injuring an IDF reservist who was a member of the local security team.

The IDF attacked many Hezbollah targets in Southern Lebanon.

Houthi War Front Updates

Reports are unclear, but it appears that the Houthis have also been launching a large number of UAVs (attack drones) as part if the Iranian attack. The U.S., France, and U.K. were reportedly assisting in interceptions, and attacking launchers in Yemen.

Judea and Samaria Updates:

Benjamin Achimeir, 14, from Jerusalem, was kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian terrorists near Malachei Shalom early Friday morning. He was initially reported missing after he went out to shepherd a flock of sheep, and the sheep returned without him.

After the boy’s body was found, clashes erupted, and the IDF reported stones and fire hurled between local Israelis and Palestinians, with injuries on both sides. The IDF is still on a hunt for the terrorist who murdered Achimeir.

On Friday, the IDF reported that they had eliminated Mohammad Omar Daraghmeh, the head of Hamas infrastructure in Tubas, norther Judea and Samaria. The IDF says that Daraghmeh was involved in “advancing significant terror acts against Israel.” He was eliminated after firing at IDF troops from his vehicle. Several illegal weapons were found in his car.


At this point, only Israelis in the Northern Golan are required to stay in or near shelter.

The Iranian mission to the UN posted on Twitter/X at 1 a.m.:

“Conducted on the strength of Article 51 of the UN Charter pertaining to legitimate defense, Iran’s military action was in response to the Zionist regime’s aggression against our diplomatic premises in Damascus. The matter can be deemed concluded. However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe. It is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the U.S. MUST STAY AWAY!”

In other words, the IRGC wants it to be over, and hopes to get away with no retaliation for their massive attack on Israel. This is the first time Iran has directly attacked Israel, and now they wait to see if there is a response for it.

In Israel, the government cabinet has voted to allow the smaller war cabinet of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Galant, and War Cabinet Minister Gantz to decide on the retaliation.

Israel Hayom reported that in a call with PM Netanyahu just moments ago, U.S. President Biden asked that Israel not respond with an attack on Iranian soil.

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