Vote Today for a Safer Crown Heights

Crown Heights residents will head to the polls today, June 22, to vote for a safer Crown Heights and for the future of our yeshivos. Here is a full list of candidates endorsed by Crown Heights United.

New York City residents will head to the polls today, June 22, election day.

Today’s primary election is perhaps the most important in Crown Heights’s history.

Michael Hollingsworth, the candidate endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), who has promoted anti-Semitic conspiracies will win the City Council seat for Crown Heights–unless we unite behind his opponent, Crystal Hudson.

A Council Member can interfere with everything from chinuch to funding for mosdos, and police protection.

Polls open at 6am, and will remain open until 9pm.

The candidates endorsed by Crown Heights United:

Eric L. Adams – 1st Choice
Comptroller David I. Weprin – 1st Choice
Corey D. Johnson – 2nd Choice
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera – 3rd Choice

Borough President Robert
E. Cornegy Jr. – 1st Choice
Khari O. Edwards – 2nd Choice

35th Council District
Crystal Hudson – 1st Choice
Hector Robertson – 2nd Choice
Renee T. Collymore – 3rd Choice
Curtis M. Harris – 4th Choice

36th Council District
Tahira A. Moore

40th Council District
Josue Pierre – 1st Choice
Rita Joseph – 2nd Choice

41st Council District
Alicka Tani Ampry-Samuel

Judge of Civil Court – County
Charles Finkelstein

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