Volunteers Needed for Mivtza Purim in Nursing Homes

Thousands of elderly Jews in nursing homes, senior centers and hospitals across New York are waiting for a Purim visit. Sign up to read megillah for them and to bring them some Purim joy.

A mass mivtzah Purim will be taking place in New York, and volunteers are needed.

Arranged Kollel Tiferes Zekainim Levi Yitzchok, the mivtza Purim will reach thousands of elderly Jews who are in nursing homes, senior centers and hospitals across New York.

The mivtzoim will take place both Wednesday evening, the eve of Purim, as well as the entire Thursday, Purim day. Families and children may be able to come along, please check with the organizers.

If you are able to read megillah, or have a car and can drive others, please call or text Rabbi Menachem Gerlitzky at 917-865-7425.

Mishloach manos packages will be provided.

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