Vizhnitz Rebbe Amazed by Activities of Romanian Shliach

Photo credit: Yehoshua Fruchter

On a recent trip to Romania, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe praised the work of shliach Rabbi Dov Ber Orgad, who had also located his ancestors’ kevorim in the town of Klausenberg.

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On a recent trip to Romania, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe visited the kevorim of his ancestors who are buried in the town of Klausenberg, accompanied by shliach Rabbi Dov Ber Orgad.

Jewish cemeteries in Kalusenberg have recently been threatened by new construction, and various efforts have been made to stop the work.

Before leaving for Romania, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe asked his chassidim to get in touch with the shliach Rabbi Orgad to help locate his ancestors’ kevorim. After searching three different cemeteries, Rabbi Orgad succeeded in locating the graves.

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe expressed amazement at the work of the shluchim around the world and their impact on Yiddishkeit in remote locations.

Photo credit: Yehoshua Fruchter

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