Visiting the Ohel on Rosh Chodesh?

As many prepare to visit the Ohel tonight, some are questioning whether it is an appropriate thing to do.

“Since when do we go the beis hachayim on Rosh Chodesh?” is the question being posed. The answer? Going to the Rebbe at the Ohel is different than going to a beis hachayim.

“If you don’t go to other kevorim, only to the Ohel, we are noiheg to go on Rosh Chodesh,” said Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin from Cleveland, Ohio who was consulted on this matter.

The Rebbe himself went to the Ohel a few times on Rosh Chodesh and once on Chol Hamoed. In the short video below, Rabbi Hershel Feigelstock of Montreal shares an answer he got from the Rebbe about visiting the Ohel on those days.

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  1. I don’t know if we should “Pasken” based on a one person account of a private Yechidus.
    For numerous reasons:
    1. Many times people memories are not accurate. We see this now that we have access to many of the Sunday dollars videos.
    2. Something that has been a known Minhag in Lubavitch (even after the conversation mentioned in the video), that we don’t go to the ohel at night – is not too be dismissed based on one vort said privately to someone.

  2. My father A”H received an answer from the Rebbe (see ספר ימי בראשית page 153)
    NOT to go to the Ohel on יומי דפגרא.

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