Visit Quickly Turns Into Passionate Torah Dialogue

It only took a short time for a visit by Rabbi Boruch Oberlander, Head Shliach of Hungary, to the house of Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky, to turn into a full fledged discussion on Halacha, Chabad history and topics published in the Ha’oros Ubiurim journal.

By reporter
Photos: Mendel Brandwine

While visiting Crown Heights, Rabbi Boruch Oberlander, Head Shliach of Hungary, paid a visit to the house of Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky, rosh yeshiva of Oholei Torah and head of the Ha’oros Ubiurim journal.

Rabbis Oberlander and Gerlitzky correspond on a regular basis, with Rabbi Oberlnader being a frequent contributor of essays in all areas of Torah to Ha’oros Ubiurim. The two immediately began discussing subjects from recent issues, including a halachic essay in the last kovetz that drew wide attention.

The two also discussed the recently published Shanim Rishonot, which profiles the Rebbe’s early years, for which Rabbi Oberlander served as a co-author.

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