Virtual ‘Tiferes Zkeinim’ Gives Seniors the Chance to Learn Torah

In honor of Chof Av, the Levi Yitzchok Senior Academy, the world’s only virtual senior citizen Kollel, is expanding to accept another 20 applicants.

The Rebbe’s one request to honor the memory of his father, was to give seniors an opportunity to learn Torah. Just a year ago on Chof Av, United Jewish Generations (UJG) made this a reality and established the Levi Yitzchok Senior Academy, Kollel Tiferes Zkeinim Levi Yitzchok. This is believed to be the only virtual senior citizen Kollel in the world.

After a successful year of powerful learning, the program is expanding to accept 20 new applicants! Classes are for all levels, from beginners to advanced level of Judaic knowledge, whether observant or not. Program includes collaborative learning, essay writing and a monthly stipend. For those that need, computers and tech support will be provided.

The Rebbe said that this will bring a Nachas Ruach Gadol. Make the Rebbe’s wish a reality! Give seniors an opportunity to learn Torah and strengthen their connection to Yiddishkeit. Please share this information with your retired friends and family and have them visit our website

Additionally, on this auspicious day of Chof Av, help UJG reach every Jewish senior through their numerous programs. Donate now and double your impact! Thanks to a few generous sponsors, every donation today will be matched.

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  1. What level of learning is this. Is it good for older Chabad chassidim..(I’m not asking for myself and the person I am asking for won’t need a stipend)

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