Virtual Siyum to Feature Chavrusas and Trivia Game

Live on Tuesday at 9 pm EST: Online Siyum Harambam will feature Rambam chavrusos around the globe and a Rambam trivia game on the entire Sefer Korbanos.

Tomorrow, 6 Shevat, marks the Siyum of Sefer Korbanos for those learning 3 Prokim of Rambam. Once again, the organizers at have put together an engaging virtual program, to be hosted by Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, Shliach to the Tri-Valley, CA. This time, the focus will be on learning Rambam b’chavrusa.

Rabbi Yossi Marcus, Shliach to Northern Peninsula, CA, learns the daily shiur with Mr. Bobby Lent, an extremely successful businessman in the area. And Rabbi Bentzion Butman, Shliach to Cambodia, starts his day learning Rambam with his two sons, Zalman (12) and Shmulik (10).

Join us as we hear first hand about what inspired these unique chavrusas, and what keeps them going.

Featuring live on Tuesday, 9:00 PM EST.

To join, click here.

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