Virtual Kinus Offers Unique Features for 5781

Five-star workshops are in store for shluchim attending this year’s virtual Kinus, as well as some unique features including customizable animated invitations for family members and guests.

By reporter

The International Conference of Shluchim 5781 will kick off this Thursday 25 Cheshvan, in a completely virtual format, with several updates announced to shluchim.

A regular year would typically see thousands of shluchim streaming to the Ohel throughout the Kinus. This year, shluchim have been requested to refrain from visiting on Sunday morning, which is when the Pan Kloli will be read on behalf of all the shluchim.

Instead, a live broadcast of the reading of the Pan will be streamed on the Kinus website, watched by the shluchim as they tune in from around the world.

As always, the Vaad Hakinus has put together a wide array of top-notch workshops for the shluchim, on a variety of shlichus-related subjects.

Cleveland shliach Rabbi Yossi Marazow will present a breakout session on how to be present with the family, without the common distractions of smartphones, media and other influences.

Another workshop will focus on properly understanding and relaying the premises that the Rebbe’s teachings are based on, resulting in accurate delivery of sichos and maamarim. Renowned lecturer Rabbi Naftali Silberberg will teach this class and enable shluchim to ‘unlock’ and teach the Rebbe’s Torah.

Every year, the Kinus provides a priceless opportunity to inspire family, friends and supporters to join in the Rebbe’s work and this year is no different. The Vaad Hakinus has thus created a new system in which shluchim are able to personalize animated invitations to send to guests, inviting them to this year’s Grand Event.

The online Grand Event of this year’s Kinus will take the place of the annual gala banquet, featuring Attorney Nathan Lewin as guest speaker and London shliach Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson as keynote.

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