Video: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

GuardYourEyes has created a new video of well known Rabbanim and Leaders who are reading testimonals of successes and struggles from survivors of internet addiction

Kedusha is called Yesod by our Sages, why? Because the foundation of a building is underground. It’s the part of us that no one sees, yet it holds up our entire spiritual structure.

Today, the very foundation of Klal Yisrael is eroding. Accessing explicit online content gets easier every year. As much as we try to block and insulate, thousands upon thousands get trapped in the internet’s addictive and pervasive darkness.

GuardYourEyes has created a new video for thier annual canmpaign that allows the stories of thier users to be shared while maintaining thier anonimity. Well known community leaders and Rabbanim read excepts of stroies shared by the websites members in hopes of bringing the struggles and suceesses of this type of addiction to light. The video features; Rabbi Chaim Twerski, Rabbi Abba Orbach, Rabbi Shmuel Brody, Adam Holtz, and Rabbi Moshe Brody.

With the recent launch of the GYE 2.0 website, they are more equipped to tackle this problem than ever before. Over the next 5 years, their goal is to ensure that every single Jew who wants to break free will get the help and support they need.

Once a year, during the High-Holiday season, GYE asks that you make a life-changing donation — and to consider that GYE isn’t just “another” organization but rather the bedrock of the foundation of Klal Yisrael.

You can donate to Guard Your Eyes by clicking here.

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