Veteran Shluchim Pioneering a New Frontier

Reaching new heights: Shluchim Dovid and Devorah Pinson moved from their 20 year long Shlichus in Alberta, to the beautiful and challenging new area of the Canadian Rockies.

Following a 20-year-long Shlichus in Edmonton, Alberta, Rabbi Dovid and Devorah Pinson and their 5 children are now embarking on a remarkable new journey of mesiras nefesh and dedication.

Rabbi Menachem and Rochel Matusof, the Head Shluchim of Alberta, Canada, have entrusted them with the honor of becoming the pioneering Shluchim to the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies, nestled within Alberta’s breathtaking landscape.

The Alberta Jewish News reports that every year millions of visitors flock to the Canadian Rocky Mountains for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. These visitors come from all around the world to behold the breathtaking majesty of the scenery in Banff, Canmore, and the surrounding hamlets.

In 1988, when Rabbi Menachem Matusof and Rebbetzin Rochel Matusof first settled in Calgary, the goal was always to grow in order to better serve the spiritual needs of Alberta’s Jewish population. Now, after all these years, that vision is going to be actualized with the move of the Pinsons.

“The Canadian Rockies are a top tourist destination, and we want to help see to the spiritual wellbeing of Jewish visitors from all over the world,” explained Rabbi Pinson with great enthusiasm. “We will be able to make sure that people have easier access to kosher food and facilities while on vacation and help them to maintain their connection to Judaism even away from home.”

This aspiration has long held a place on the Matusofs’ wish list, and indeed, it marks one of the new Moisdois they have pledged to celebrate the Rebbe’s 120th year. “This Shlichus demands dynamic and trailblazing Shluchim, and the Pinsons are the perfect fit,” asserts Rabbi Matusof.

The Rabbi went on to point out that Canmore is growing rapidly, and many Jewish families are settling in the area.  “For Jews that call the Rockies home, we will provide a sense of community.” The Rebbetzin added: “People can enjoy the physical beauty of Hashem’s world, and we can support their spiritual connection.”  Different locations around Canmore are still being scouted, but Chabad Lubavitch of the Rockies is already active, and hitting the ground running.

When asked about the crucial role that this new Chabad location will play, Rabbi Matusof, Senior Rabbi and Executive Director of Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta, commented: “A living object must grow! With sixteen Chabad Shluchim serving the Alberta Jewish community, the workload is only increasing, as the needs of individuals and communities are tremendous.

“We simply reached a point, that the needs and requests coming our way, are more than we can handle at the Alberta Headquarters. Let’s face it. Canmore is booming. Obviously, there are Jewish people there. So, the Rebbe’s call is to make Jewish Canmore boom! The Pinson’s are the perfect couple to materialise this dream, with Hashem’s help and the Rebbe’s blessings!”

“This cannot be only a space in a storefront and it won’t be a large campus either. We will need to be out and moving to where we are needed. We will be working with a population that resides in the area, but a big part is going to be Jewish tourists,” explained Rabbi Pinson thoughtfully.

They are still scouting locations for the new Chabad House, but once it is up and operational, there are plans to host Shabbos dinners for Jewish visitors to the area, and all holidays – everyone’s Chabad away from home.

“We will have kosher cooking facilities, and barbecues for people to make use of,” Rabbi Pinson elaborated. “If a family is on vacation and they want to barbecue, then they can come and use fully kosher equipment. We plan to build relationships with the local hotels and hope to facilitate kosher food services,” said Rabbi Pinson.

Based in Canmore and Banff National Park, the Pinsons will not only serve the growing Jewish populations scattered throughout the Rockies’ many cities and towns but also extend their outreach to over 5 million annual visitors to the region.

Anyone who knows Rabbi Dovid and Devorah on a personal level will tell you that the Rockies are fortunate to receive the loving energy and uplifting vibrancy that the Pinsons will bring along. “We are more than eager to embrace our new Shlichus with the enthusiasm and sense of responsibility it deserves,” says Rabbi Pinson. “And we are deeply indebted to the Matusofs for their invaluable support throughout this huge transition.”

While the Canadian Rockies boast natural magnificence, there exists a significant need for spiritual and Jewish awareness. The Pinsons are fully prepared to carry the Rebbe’s inspiration to quench this spiritual thirst, but the financial burden falls entirely on their shoulders to raise the necessary funds and cover the budget. They humbly request your support to contribute to their campaign, thereby ensuring a strong and secure start to this new journey. Your support will have a profound impact on the countless neshamos they will touch and inspire through this vital Shlichus.

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